Dale Alan Schmitt study at the Ivy School of Professional Art with a focus in Photography. After graduation he worked as a freelance photographer in Pittsburgh. Dale left Pittsburgh to joined Eastman Kodak in Chicago where he worked for over 21 years supporting the Professional Photographers and Graphic Arts industry. In 2008, Dale transitioned to Fujifilm where he continues to support the Digital Printing and Publishing Industry. 

Dale Schmitt is one of Pittsburgh's premier wedding and portrait photographers. He is an award-winning photographer, now based on the artistic North Shore of Pittsburgh. Dale incorporates a creative flair into all his work, using a sophisticated magazine style to capture the glamour and elegance of his clients. Dale is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Pittsburgh Society of Artists. 

Dale’s portraiture has been influenced by Yousuf Karsh’s work in which a portrait captures a person’s soul. 

In 2005, Dale Schmitt was presented the “Spirit Of Life Award” by the Chicago Graphic and Advertising Council in recognition of his personal, professional and philanthropic achievements and support of the City Of Hope National Medical Center. 

You can see the artistic side of Dale's work on our website under, "The Moon and Other Cool Places" and "Beautiful People".